Test Cases


Test Cases for Upload File

Test Cases For Upload File/Image Verify upload file button or link present. Verify the upload button or link should be clickable. Verify that whole button including the button text should be clickable. Verify text upload on the button. Verify icon added with the upload button if in the design and is aligned or not. Verify …

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Test Cases For Forgot Password

Test Cases For Forgot Password How write test cases for forgot password? Verify that forget password link should be present on the login screen. Verify that on clicking on the forget password link forget password page should open. Verify that the email field is present on the forget password page to recover the password. Verify …

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Test Case For Login Page

Test Cases For Login Page Login Page Test cases Verify the login screen will appear after clicking on a login link or login button. Verify all login related elements and fields are present on the login page. i-e Login button, Register link, Forgot password link, Keep me logged in and Social logins. Verify the alignment …

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Test Cases For Registration

Test Cases For Registration Verify by clicking on the submit button for blank input. Test Html injection for the name field on the registration page. For Example, add any HTML tag <u>Name</u> in the name field and click on the Register button. Html should not be implemented. Only the user name should be save. Verify …

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Test Cases For Error Messages

Here we are going to discuss about the key characteristics for writing the error messages. And test cases commonly used for websites, desktop software and mobile applications.