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Test Cases For Forgot Password

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Test Cases For Forgot Password

Table of Contents

How write test cases for forgot password?

  1. Verify that forget password link should be present on the login screen.
  2. Verify that on clicking on the forget password link forget password page should open.
  3. Verify that the email field is present on the forget password page to recover the password.
  4. Verify as the user update password, the user should log out from all browsers and devices.
  5. Verify that storage for the database on forgot password.
  6. Verify that an email validation is added to the email field.
  7. Verify Submit button should be present on the page.
  8. Verify the whole button should be clickable not only the button text.
  9. Verify that the link sent to the user should expire after a certain time.
  10. Verify sent password link should be disabled on clicking on multiple times on the link or as per specification and requirement.
  11. Verify the error message should be displayed after entering an unregistered user email id.
  12. Verify the displayed error message for unregistered should be meaningful.
  13. Verify confirmation message check your email to recover password should be displayed after clicking on the button by entering the registered email id.
  14. Verify that user will get an email after entering valid email id in forget password.
  15. Verify the email which user get against forgot password should be displayed in the inbox, not in the spam folder.
  16. Verify the error message should be displayed when clicking on the recover button without entering the email id.
  17. Verify the user will get the forget password email from [email protected].
  18. Verify the heading displayed in forget password screen should be ” Forget Password “.
  19. Verify the error message should be displayed when entering spaces in the field and clicking on the Submit button.
  20. Verify the subject name displayed in forget password email should be ” Your New Password”.
  21. Verify user should be login successfully with the new password not by the old password.
  22. Verify message should be shown on profile change your password in case if a temporary password sent in the email.