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Test cases vs test scenarios

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Test cases vs Test scenarios

The field of software testing is fascinating to explore, but there are times when testers are lost in the standard software terminology. In this article, we will discuss the terms used to define Test Cases and Test Scenarios and look at the main distinctions between Test Cases vs Test Scenarios.

Test Cases:

  • The test case consists of specific predefined series of steps to test the particular software functionality
  • Test cases contain certain conditions or variables that a tester can assess the actual and expected results to determine if the software program is working according to the user’s specifications or not.
  • Test cases help a tester to evaluate whether an application software system or one feature is operating as it was intended to work

Example of Test Cases

  • Verify user can be login by adding a valid email and password or not.
  • Verify user should not be login in case the user does not enter an invalid email and password.

Test Scenarios:

  • A Test Scenario can be described as any feature or module of the software product that can be evaluated
  • A test scenario is a story or scenario that is used to test a specific use case.
  • Test Scenarios consist of multiple test cases.
  • In the case of scenario testing, testers verify and take the actions to determine how they use the software under test.

Example of Test Scenarios

  • Test scenarios for login module
  • Test scenarios for register page
  • Test scenarios for forgotten password

Difference between Test Cases and Test Scenarios

Test Cases

Test Scenarios

Test cases act as low-level testing. Test scenarios act as high-level requirement testing.
Test cases contain inputs, valid, invalid conditions, expected and actual results. Test scenarios have one line statement.

Login scenarios

A Test case cannot be further subdivided Test scenarios can be divided into multiple test cases.
A test case defines how to test. Test scenario refers what to test
More resources and time required to prepare a test case document. Less time and resources are needed for preparing the test scenarios.
Test cases drive from test scenarios. Test scenarios drive from software requirements.
Test case is a detailed document. The test scenario is the high-level document.

Examples of test cases

  1. Verify by adding a valid email address and password.
  2. Review system behavior if the wrong email address is entered and an active password is entered.
  3. Verify system behavior when an email ID with a valid and valid password is entered.
  4. Verify system behavior when a wrong email address is entered, or a non-valid password is entered.
  5. Verify the system’s behavior when the password and email ID are blank, and then sign in to your account.
  6. Check Forgot Your Password is functioning as per the plan.
  7. Examine the system’s behavior when a valid or invalid phone number or password is entered.
  8. Verify the system’s behavior if “Keep my name signed” is checked.

Best practices to create a Test Scenario.

  • Test scenarios typically consist of one-line statements that describe what is to be tested. For example, Test the complete login module.
  • Description of scenarios should be clear and simple to comprehend
  • An in-depth evaluation of the stated requirements is required.
  • The tools and resources needed for testing must be collected before starting the testing process.

The importance of a Test Case and Test Scenario

A detailed description of instructions triggered by inputs or other conditions and the expected outcomes is what testers require to develop thorough test plans and tests. It is essential for the software’s efficient performance and to ensure that the system runs flawlessly, without any flaws. It is among the crucial elements of software testing utilized in the Quality team, the development team, and management. When the development process is on-site, and the testing takes offshore, it is essential. This keeps them on the same page. Test scenarios are used to replace test cases when the time is short, and there’s no time to create test scenarios.


We’ve discussed testing and how to test it; we require tests and test scenarios. Their importance and distinctions. In the field of software testing, they are both crucial. However, as time goes by, new methodologies emerge, and we may opt to develop any of them. In reality, it’s all about the group, the nature of work, and, yes, your project manager. It’s beneficial to have them both.