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Upload Image Test Cases

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Test Cases For Uploading an Image

  1. Verify Upload Image button is clickable or not.
  2. Verify whether the entire button with button text is clickable or not.
  3. Verify button displaying text Upload Image.
  4. Check upload icon with the button text is added or not.
  5. Make sure that the icon must be aligned with the button text.
  6. Verify upload image/file popup is open or not by clicking on the upload image button.
  7. Verify by clicking on the cancel button upload image popup closed or not.
  8. Verify that an image uploaded contains space or a special character in the image name.
  9. Verify the image name is shown on uploading an image or not.
  10. Verify image size is shown or not with the uploaded image.
  11. Verify the order of the uploading images same as the image uploaded.
  12. Verify validation for max image size enabled or not.
  13. Verify that a complete error message is shown on uploading an image of the maximum allowed file size.
  14. Verify check added for uploading an image of invalid file type or extension or not.
  15. An error message should be shown as the user tries to upload an image of an invalid extension.
  16. Verify as the user upload an image loader with the button added or not as per requirements.
  17. Verify the time duration for uploading an image.
  18. Inspect system supports multiple image uploading at once or not.
  19. Verify the behaviour of the system on uploading the same image again.
  20. Verify uploading by drag and drop image functionality working or not.
  21. Verify image should not be open on the browser on dropping an image.
  22. Verify image should not be downloaded in the browser on dropping.
  23. Verify user can remove the image and upload a new one or not.
  24. Verify after uploading an image the system redirects to the desired page or not.
  25. Verify the image extension includes .jpg, .png, .gif, and jpeg etc. 
  26. Verify image name should be shown in the tooltip if the image name is extra long.

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