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Test Case For OTP code

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What is OTP Code?                                                                                                                                                                                                OTP is an abbreviation of one time password. OTP is used for the verification of mobile numbers or emails. Mostly OTP is widely worldwide used for registration and the transfer of payments

How it Works?                                                                                                                                                                                       OTP code meaning one time password is generated. OTP verification number sent to the user’s mobile number or on email address. The user adds the received one time password and verifies itself.

Why generate OTP Code or one time password?

  • OTP code is used to verify the user.
  • OTP code reduces the chances of fraud by sending OTP on the mobile number to the user on a physical device.
  • Easy and Instant user registration and login using OTP code.
  • Secure payments

Test Case and Scenarios For one time password Verification

    1. Verify for verification valid and correct OTP is generated or not.
    2. Verify generated OTP code should be valid only for one time or not.
    3. Verify the count for the OTP code generated should not be more than required.
    4. Test the count for the OTP code generated should not be less than required.
    5. Verify OTP code sent to the user successfully or not within time or not.
    6. Verify and confirm the time duration in which the user received the OTP generated code sent on email.
    7. Check the time duration for the OTP generated code received by the user on mobile.
    8. Verify OTP code fetched by the application from the message by default or user add manually. It depends on the requirements.
    9. Verify by adding the valid OTP application must accept the code successfully.
    10. Confirm a correct info message is shown or not in case if the user adds a valid OTP code.
    11. Verify a proper error message should be shown in case if the user adds an invalid OTP code.
    12. Verify OTP code should expire after the time allowed by the application or software.
    13. Verify application should not accept the OTP code once expired.
    14. Verify the user can request a new OTP code by clicking on the link or button resend code.
    15. Verify on again request on clicking on the Resend link OTP code should be sent to the user successfully or not.
    16. Verify the user should be temporarily blocked or not in case if it requests for new OTP code again and again.
    17. Verify the limit set for OTP code to resend multiple times or not. (For example maximum five attempts allowed per user)
    18. Verify OTP code is case sensitive or not.
    19. Verify OTP code is only numeric or alphanumeric.