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file upload test cases

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File upload test cases

  1. Verify upload file button or link present.
  2. Verify the upload button or link should be clickable.
  3. Verify that whole button including the button text should be clickable.
  4. Verify text upload on the button.
  5. Verify icon added with the upload button if in the design and is aligned or not.
  6. Verify on click on the Upload button window should be open to select the file.
  7. Verify cancel button is working. On click on the cancel button window should be closed.
  8. Verify that the user can be able to select and upload multiple files if required.
  9. Verify user can upload multiple files at once.
  10. Verify the order of the file should be same as files uploaded or both cases one by one and multiple files upload.
  11. Verify that the user can only be able to upload the allowed files only. For example doc, docx or pdf, or image files like jpg, png etc.
  12. Verify a proper error message should be shown in case if the user tries to upload the file which is not allowed. File type not allowed.
  13. Verify an error message should be shown in case if the user tries to upload files more than the allowed limit.
  14. Verify on uploading file loader should be shown.
  15. Verify there should be some indication on upload file.
  16. Verify on upload a locked file password popup should be shown.
  17. Verify file should be upload if the user adds the correct password for the locked file.
  18. Verify a proper error message should be shown in case if password added for protected or locked file is not correct.
  19. Verify there should be an indication on file upload.
  20. Verify that the file name should be same and display after uploading the file.
  21. Verify that the uploaded file extension should be shown with the file name.
  22. Verify that the file size should be shown under the file name.
  23. Verify an error message shown if the file size is large than the allowed one.
  24. Verify an error message if the file is empty and have no content.
  25. Verify the application behaviour by uploading a large name file.
  26. Verify … 3 dots should be shown in case if the file name is too large and disturbs the design.
  27. Verify upload functionality is working and functional by upload a file.
  28. Drag and drop functionality should work properly for the allowed files types.
  29. Verify on the drop file, the file should not open on the browser.
  30. Verify on drop file it should not download.