Automation Testing

Setting Up Chrome Driver

In this tutorial, we will earn how to set up a chrome driver with selenium.   First, check the version of the chrome browser   Now Go to the URL and download Now click on the version you have. A new tab will be open. Now click on theĀ It will work for …

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Add java libraries

What is Maven in java? Maven is the mighty management automation tool used to manage the whole project. Maven is not installed in the Windows service. Maven is configured using the Windows environment variables. Maven project contains the .xml file named pom.xml file. Maven manages all project dependencies. Maven manage all libraries used. For Example …

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install java jdk

Environment Setup for Automation Testing In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up an environment for automation testing. Just follow these steps to successfully install the JDK and set up environment variables. Images are also added for each of the steps. Download JDK for java Set up Environment Download IntelliJ Download JDK for …

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