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What is Software Automation Testing?

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From this tutorial, we will start learning Software Automation Using Selenium in a very basic and easy way. Just follow the tutorial on software automation.

What is Software Automation Testing?

Software testing is carried out using special software and tools to ensure the software is functional. In software automation, test cases are executed automatically using software instead of executing test cases manually. For software automation, test cases are written on code termed as test scripts. Software automation uses the white box testing technique in which code is written and executed to perform testing.

Both functional and non-functional testing can be done using automated tools. 


What is the purpose of software automation?

The basic purposes of software automation is to provide ease for the tester and improve the overall software quality.

  • automation saves time
  • test cases can be executed in different environments and multiple browsers
  • to reduce the testing effort
  • better coverage for the software testing
  • to increase the accuracy 
  • to enhance the effectiveness
  • multiple test scripts at once or parallel
  • reduce cost 
  • testing become consistent

Which Test Cases can be automated?

  1. Test cases that are needed to be executed again and again.
  2. Test cases which are time taking and lengthy.
  3. Test cases that are complex to perform manually.


Testing automation framework is defined as a platform that allows multiple tools and libraries to be set up in a defined way to organise and enable automation. Frameworks assist automation engineers in developing and designing the test scripts professionally. The framework is defined as Rules and guidelines for developing test scripts.

What are the Benefits of Frameworks

The testing framework helps the tester to improve the efficiency, test cases execution speed and better reports generation.

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Code reusability increases
  • Maximum test coverage
  • easily enhancement

What are different automation frameworks?

Following are the testing automation frameworks most commonly used.

1) Linear Scripting or Linear Automation Framework

2) Module base testing framework

3) The Data-Driven Testing Framework

Linear Automation Framework

The linear automation framework includes the simple record and play the testing steps. Tester records simple steps on a web browser like navigation, submitting the inputs, adding validation and getting the results. In a linear framework, there is no need to write code to execute the test cases. The tester can play the recorded test cases as many times as needed. Linear automation framework is very simple and easy to execute test cases.