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Drag and drop functionality

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Test cases for the Drag and drop files, images or photos

How to test drag and drop functionality?

  1. Verify it clearly mentioned whether the drag and drop functionality is supported by the inputs section or not.
  2. Check whether the canvas or the input section supports single or multiple images/files uploaded at once.
  3. Make sure only the supported files can be successfully dropped into the input section.
  4. Verify a loader with text and the percentage should be shown as the user drag and drops the file of large size.
  5. Test dropped files or images should not be downloaded in the browser.
  6. Verify the total number of files that can be dropped should not more than the allowed number of files.
  7. Verify the file name and size should be correctly shown on the website input section or not.
  8. Verify the file extension should be shown with the uploaded file or not.
  9. Verify the maximum size for the uploaded file should not exceed the allowed file or image size on the website. The uploaded file size should be more than 5 MB.
  10. Test a proper error message that should appear if the user tries to drop more files than the allowed limit. For example, Upto 5 files are allowed to upload at once
  11. Test a proper error message shown if the user tries to upload the unsupported file by dropping the file. For example, File/Image type is not supported.
  12. Verify user can upload the files by dragging and dropping from the device successfully or not.
  13. Verify all the uploaded files should be shown on the input section in the correct order.
  14. Make sure the orientation for the uploaded files should be correct and no file is rotated and should be aligned.
  15. Verify the count should be correct for the uploaded files by dragging and dropping.
  16. Make sure the aspect ratio for the uploaded images should not be disturbed on the website.
  17. Test user can delete the uploaded files or images if the user is not required to process any action on that file.