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Cross Browser Testing

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How define Cross Browser Testing?

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Cross-browser testing ensures the developed web application is compatible and functionality is not disturbed on all browsers. 

Cross browser testing is performed on both Desktop and mobile views.

In Cross browser testing following properties are verified and reported if necessary.

  • Testing User Interface
  • Test Responsiveness on different browsers and devices
  • Functional testing. For example, the button is clickable or not

Cross browser testing example

For an eCommerce shopping website, it is important to ensure the website UI should responsive and works on all browsers. Thousands of user interacts with the shopping website every day.

The topmost Browsers used for cross-browser testing are

  • Chrome Browser from Google
  • Microsoft Edge from Microsoft
  • Safari browser by mac
  • Firefox
  • Opera Browser etc

How Cross Browser Testing is conducted? 

Cross Browser testing can be performed in both testing ways.

  • By Manual Testing
  • By Automated Tools

Test cases/Checklist across different browsers for Cross Browser Testing:

  1. Verify HTML and CSS for each web element load or not.
  2. Check Alignment and spacing for each web element ( checkboxes, buttons, dropdowns, text fields, result fields etc.)
  3. Website Designs should be consistent on all pages.
  4. Test search functionality on the website is working on different devices and browsers.
  5. Make sure that the Scroll for the text area and the result section, both vertical and horizontal is functional.
  6. Confirm the Fonts visibility (color and size) for the text on the web pages.
  7. Make sure the font family should not disturbed on different browsers.
  8. Verify text alignment for the content on web pages.
  9. Verify Tooltips shown on all browsers.
  10. Verify the mouse hovering effect is implemented on all browsers.
  11. Check no icons should not be hidden on all browsers. Especially test on safari browser.
  12. Test and make sure images and videos are aligned or not.
  13. Verify all buttons should be functional. Submit, Cancel, Upload, Download etc.
  14. Verify the loader behaviour on all browsers.
  15. Test file upload and download functionality.
  16. Verify the Sessions and cookies prompt is shown on the webpage or not.
  17. Verify all the pop-ups are aligned and should not be cut on all browsers. For example, Subscribe to Newsletter etc
  18.  Make sure the animation added functional.