Fake Data Generator

With the fake data generator, you can have realistic and diverse test data that accurately represents the production environment.

How to Use Fake Data Generator?

Follow simple steps in order to generate test data:

  1. Add a field name and select the field type.
  2. Now select the number of rows required for dummy data.
  3. Select the output format i.e. JSON or CSV.
  4. Click the Generate Button to download your test data.

Benefits of Test Data Generation

Facilitating Software Testing

Software testing requires full potential test coverage of the system in order to achieve multiple test scenarios. With the random data generator, you can easily create a diverse range of datasets that covers various conditions and cases respectively. As a result, it can easily minify the chances of undiscovered issues in the system.

Saving Time and Effort

Fake data generator helps you in automating the process of creating dummy data easily. You don’t need to create manual test files that take plenty of time. By generating random data, the testing process becomes quite efficient and takes less time and effort. 

Ensuring Data Integrity

With the random data generator, you do not have to worry about an incomplete or inaccurate dataset. As you can make any kind and scenarios of your test files based on predefined rules. By making dummy test data you can ensure the data quality and integrity in the development lifecycle.

Key Features of Data Generator

The following are the top features you can expect from OnlineTestCase random data generator:

Data Variety and Volume

One of the main features of our fake data generator is you can easily generate a wide variety of data types. We support a number of data types, including address, boolean, word, domain, and company name. You can simulate real-world scenarios using these datasets.

Customization Options

As a matter of fact, in test data generation customization is the core part. With our data generator, you do not need to worry about customization as we have plenty of customization available. You can customize your data set as per your system requirements.

Test Data Relevance

With our fake data generator, you can generate test data that accurately represent the characteristics of real-world data. Test data that is relevant will help to ensure that the system is tested under realistic conditions. Our test data generator can help you to generate test data that is relevant to your system by using a variety of techniques, such as data sampling and data augmentation.

Frequently Asked Question

How does the fake data generator work?

Fake data generator digs deep into the technical aspects and algorithm in order to get a perfect data set as per user requirements.

Can this fake data generator simulate real-world scenarios?

The random data generator can simulate real-world scenarios by generating diverse data sets by taking inputs from users.

How can I ensure the quality of generated test data?

The dummy data generator ensure the quality of generated test data, and perform thorough validation and verification checks. Validate the data against predefined rules and verify its accuracy and relevance to the testing objectives.

How can I ensure data privacy and security when using the test data generator?

The test data generator aims to provide guidance on safeguarding sensitive or confidential information and complying with relevant regulations.