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Install java jdk

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Environment Setup for Automation Testing

Table of Contents

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up an environment for automation testing. Just follow these steps to successfully install the JDK and set up environment variables. Images are also added for each of the steps.

  • Download JDK for java
  • Set up Environment
  • Download IntelliJ
  • Download JDK for JAVA
  • download JDK 8 or above for java from the oracle official website according to your system (operating system) requirements.

Click on the URL


For windows click here to download JDK


After the download completes, install the JDK on your System. As the installation completes, set up Environment Variables.


 Setting Up Environment Variables, IntelliJ IDE 


Copy the path where the JDK is present. For setting up Environment set up follow these steps.

Remember Copy the latest JDK installed on the JAVA folder.


C:\Program Files\Java

Open This PC, Program Files, and click on the Java folder.


Click on the windows search and type Environment and click on the Edit the system environment variables


As you click on the Edit the system environment variables a window opens System Properties.

Now Click on the Environment Variables

After Clicking on the Environment Variables, add New System Variable.

Click on the New button New System Variable popup appears 

Type JAVA_HOME for the Variable name:

Add JDK path C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_331 for Variable Value as mentioned in the screenshot.

Now click on the OK button to set up the environment.

Now double click on the Path on the System variable.

Add new %JAVA_HOME%

And %JAVA_HOME%\bin

And click on OK as mentioned in the screenshot.


Now click on the Apply and OK buttons as mentioned in the image.


Now open the command prompt to verify whether the JDK and Environment variables set up or not.

Type Command java -version in the command prompt and press Enter button.

It will display the java installed version as mentioned in the screenshot.


Download intelliJ IDE 

IntelliJ is a free user friendly IDE for automation. Download the free version.

Download the Community Version with .exe file. And install it.