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QA Responsibilities in Software Testing

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QA Responsibilities in Software Testing


1- Just create tickets and report issues

Don’t ignore any bug or issue considering it low priority issue or minor bug. Just report the issue in ticket and assign the developer.

2- Avoid relationship with the developers in office times

Avoid informing developer the issues verbally. It is observed that if a QA have good relation with any developer. QA does not report its bug on bug management and tracking tool instead he goes to the developer seat, informs developer and corrected them.

It affects you directly and on your performance. And results in the company is unable to measure the productivity and performance of the developer.

3- Provide solutions

Not just only report an issue. Also, provide a better and effective solution for the identified bug or an issue.

4- Recommend new Features and Improvements

Always tries to suggest and discuss the new features and improvements in the existing system.

5- Focus oriented 

In meetings, take part in healthy discussion and if you have been asked any question just reply about it with confidence, proper reasoning and logic. Don’t confused and distract from the topic of discussion.

6- Listen carefully

Always have the habit of listening to the task assigned to your carefully

7- Discuss things

No one is 100% perfect and ideal. If you are facing any an issue discuss with the concerned persons i-e your team leads, project manager.

8- Be Humble and Attitude matters 

Your attitude matters a lot in your professional career. Be humble, take a deep breath, understand what is happening, control your emotions, then reply. If you are hardworking, honest but have an attitude problem, it affects your career.

9- Don’t just blam and own your mistakes

Avoid judging other members of your team. Focus on your work. Instead of blame others take responsibility for your work.

10- Do not refuse

Don’t refuse to perform any task assigned to you. And if you have any issue regarding mostly time discuss with the team lead.

11- Improve communication skills

Improve your communication skills. Listening, speaking and written text

12- Don’t over efficient

If you don’t know, how works for the new technology mostly the implementation of automation tools on the software projects.

13- Always improve your skills

Always welcome learns to new skills. Open your learning and the growth zone.