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Verification vs Validation

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Verification and Validation

Verification and validation in software testing are the two common terms often used in software testing. A software quality assurance and test engineer must learn these terms and the verification and validation difference.


What is Verification?

The quality of the software product is evaluated in the verification process by reviewing the various documents such as Software Requirement Specification SRS. The primary purpose of the verification process is to develop quality software products according to user requirements.

What are Verification Testing Methods or Techniques?

Methods used for verifications are

  • Software Requirement Document SRS
  • Walkthroughs
  • Reviews
  • Inspections



What is Validation?

The validation process test and identities if any of the user requirement is missing. The validation of the software product examines the functionality of the actual product developed as per the requirements or not. The validation process starts once the verification process completes. Validation ensures the product is according to the user’s requirements or not.



What are Validation Testing Techniques?

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • All Non-functional Testing


Verification and Validation difference


Definition Reviewing whether the software product is developing as per requirement or specifications or not. Testing whether the actual developed product meets the user or customer requirements or not.
Purpose Are we developing the right software product? Is the developed product right?
What is tested? Documents analyzed in the verification. Testing the actual product
Coding Phase Code is not executed in the verification process. Execution of the code and analysing the actual results.
Testing Types and Methods Activities include

walkthroughs, inspections, reviews etc

Blackbox Testing (Unit testing, integration testing and System testing)

White-box testing

Non-functional testing

Required Target  Issues are identified and can be fixed in the early stage of software development. Validation process identifies defects and issues not found during the verification process.
Activities  Specification verified from the Software Requirement document and Business document. Testing of the developed software product to make sure the actual user requirements or not.
When Check Verification process starts before validation. Validation process starts after the Verification end.
Which Team Test QA team carried out all activities in the verification process. The testing team validate the actual product in software validation and reports issues to the development team.


Verification and validation example


Example of verification Example of validation
These are the requirements mentioned in the software requirement document.

  • Upload the Image button
Testing each of the functionality should be the same as required by the customer

  • On click on the Upload image button upload, an image popup should be shown.
  • Validate each of the specified points and report dev team if required.
  • Test the spelling of the button text
  • Verify the button background colour
  • Check the button text colour
  • Mouse hover colour
  • Add a blinking effect on the mouse hover