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Radio Button Test Cases

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Test Cases For Radio Buttons

  1. Verify radio buttons present on the page as per design.
  2. Verify the size of the radio button should be same as per design.
  3. Verify style and colour for the radio buttons should be same as per requirements or not.
  4. Verify label text present on the page with the radio buttons.
  5. Verify the label text for the radio button added in the same sequence as per specification.
  6. Verify spellings for the label text with the radio buttons correct or not.
  7. Verify if the label text aligned with the radio buttons or not.
  8. Verify if the radio button selectable and unselectable or not on clicking all radio buttons.
  9. Verify on clicking on the label text, radio button value selected or not.
  10. Verify only one value from the radio buttons can be selected or not.
  11. Verify user can choose any option from radio buttons by pressing the tab key by the keyboard.
  12. Verify an error message shown or not in case if the user not selects any value and click on the submit button
  13. Verify selected radio button value saved in the database correctly or not.