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Ecommerce Website Testing

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Ecommerce Website Testing

Table of Contents

This post contains a quick e-commerce website testing checklist. All possible e-commerce website testing scenarios are covered.

  1. Confirm whether users can search the products on an e-commerce website should be functional or not.
  2. Make sure that the correct result should be shown for the search result.

Test cases for eCommerce website (Product Selection related checklist)

  1. Verify products or items shown on the webpage clearly.
  2. Make sure that the items are categorised or not by the category name.
  3. Verify that the image added to the product should not be broken or blurred.
  4. Verify product size, dimensions and quality are mentioned under the product or not.
  5. Verify shipping information for the product is displayed or not.
  6. Verify whether product reviews by the customer are added or not.
  7. Verify the overall rating of the product is shown on the web page or not.
  8. Confirm whether the images for the products are available or not.
  9. Verify image of the product added should be the real images of the product.
  10. Confirm the user selected product detail page opens as the user clicks on the image or name of the product.
  11. Check whether the number of the remaining product shown or not.
  12. Confirm whether the available colour of the item should be shown on the webpage or not.
  13. Check the correct price of the product should be displayed on the webpage.
  14. Verify whether the product related more items are shown on the product detail web page or not.

Cart Button test cases

  1. Confirm whether the Add to Cart button is present or not on the webpage for the product.
  2. Make sure user selected products should be added to the cart page.
  3. Test users can add more than one item on the cart page.
  4. Verify the quantity of the selected product is shown clearly on the cart page or not.
  5. Verify the price of the selected product is clearly shown or not on the cart page.
  6. Verify the total price if any discount is offered.
  7. Check user can apply for a discount code if offered.
  8. Verify total price in front of each product is shown on the webpage or not.
  9. Verify whether the product delivery charges are mentioned on the cart page or not.
  10. Verify whether the total number of the selected item is shown on the cart page or not.
  11. Make sure that the expected product delivery time is mentioned on the web page or not.
  12. Verify whether the user can add multiple products to the cart or not.
  13. Verify user can remove the selected product from the cart successfully or not.
  14. Verify whether the user can add the same product multiple times or not.
  15. Verify the total price of all products is shown on the page or not.
  16. Verify by adding or removing the same or new product the new prices should be updated on the cart page or not.

Test Cases for Payment

  1. Verify whether the checkout or payment button on the cart webpage is present or not.
  2. Make sure on the payment page different payment methods are available or not for the user.
  3. Test payment is done successfully by adding valid credit/debit card credentials.
  4. Verify the correct shipping address is shown or not.
  5. Make sure the user is notified by sending an email or not.
  6. Verify email must have the order number or not.