Download Sample File

A Sample document is a template document available in different file formats and sizes. These dummy documents are specially designed for the purpose of testing the performance and quality of software. 

How to Download a Sample Document File?

You can download a sample document in a few simple steps which are as follows

  1.     Choose the sample document type that you want to download e.g. DOC, XLS, PDF, CSV, etc.
  2.     Select the file size that you want for your software testing.
  3.     Click the “Download” button.
  4.     The file be downloaded to your device and can now be used for testing purposes.

Types of Documents for Testing

There are many different formats for sample document download available online. You should choose the file format that better suits the software or application that you are testing.


PDF is a document file format that was developed by Adobe. It keeps the formatting and layout of the document as is regardless of the OS, hardware, or software that you use to view it. 


The XLS is a proprietary format developed for creating worksheets, cells, formulas, charts, and formatting on the spreadsheet application. 


The XLSX is an open XML-based file format that can store data, charts, formulas, etc. in a compressed form. XLSX format allows improved data storage with a small file size.


The CSV is designed for storing tabular data and spreadsheets. It is a plain text format in which each line represents a row and the values in these rows are separated by commas.

Why is Document Testing Important?

Document testing is critical for determining the usability and performance of new software applications and tools. These sample documents may be used to plan and perform software effectiveness testing and to identify faults in its programming. These dummy documents enable effective debugging and troubleshooting of issues. The sample document download can be a valuable asset in the enhancement of current document-related technologies. 

Sample documents for testing are available in PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, and other formats in multiple file sizes. Using this approach, developers can test their tools while demonstrating their performance and efficiency.