Sample CSV File


Sample CSV file used for testing the web applications. Click on the Download CSV file button. Verify import and export functionality for your application.

What is a CSV File Format?

Comma Separated Values is the full form for CSV file format. Data can be stored and represented in the table form in the CSV file format. CSV file format stores data in the plain text file format. CSV file format stores data in the table row and multiple values can be stored by using comma as its name indicates Comma Separated Values. 


Example code for Sample CSV File


Name, Age, Occupation

John, 35, Software Tester

Smith, 25, Data Analyst


The first row represents the column names and data in the other rows are related data according to the column name.


CSV File Format Uses and Features For Sample CSV File



CSV file format is well known and famous for its feature of compatibility. CSV files can be viewed and edited on various operating systems and software. 

Transfer Data

CSV file format is the most popular file format for transferring data within web applications and software. A large number of data can be transferred without any disturbance or issue. No data is lost when during the import and export of data within the application. 


The development of the CSV file format promotes new data-driven applications that would not have been possible without CSV files. Data can be efficiently transferred between the data-driven applications.

Save Time

CSV file format saves a lot of time and manual operations for the data entry. This application of CSV file format can process data more quickly and efficiently without wasting manpower and resources.


How to download Sample CSV File?

To download sample CSV files you need to just follow a couple of steps defined below.

  1. Access the download Sample CSV File URL in any web browser or on any device and operating system.
  2. We offer sample CSV files in various sizes. View the sizes and choose what you need to fulfil your testing needs.
  3. After choosing the size for the Sample CSV file, now click on the download sample CSV file button.
  4. Your required CSV file will be downloaded to your system, laptop or smartphone.
  5. Repeat the whole process and enjoy a free sample CSV files.


Can I download multiple sample CSV files?

Yes, you can download sample CSV files as many times as you need. Our platform allows unlimited downloads for sample CSV files.

Is it free to download a sample CSV file format or not?

Yes, it is free to download sample CSV files. No charges are applied.

What is the maximum size limit for a download of sample CSV files available?

We offer download free sample CSV files in various file sizes. The minimum size is kb to maximum goes in MB.